“We integrate cutting edge Technology and Innovation”


    We develop Products that transform brands


    “We commit to give the best technical solutions with positive upshots”


    is a team of innovative engineers with excellence in hand


It's about making ideas happen

We integrate cutting edge Technology and Innovation

About Us

We develop Products that transform brands and accelerate advances in technology. Wagonsoft is a team of innovative engineers with excellence in hand and zest of desire to solve complex engineering challenges.

Core Values

We believe that the most valuable assets we possess is our employees.


We provide our client’s profitable business by improving the new product development and directly working upon the quality.

We maintain life-long relationships with our customers, employees and Partners.

Our reputation has formed on our achievements and delivery. We believe in our technology and the innovation which reflects in the employee’s output. We serve magnificence at upmost level. We are full of passionate developers who love their craft. We aim to become leading and innovative Service provider. We apply our expert knowledge to product and operational improvement by transferring best practices across industries, creating customized next practices for our clients, and effectively applying our consultants’ deep industry-specific experience.

What We Are?

WagonSoft is more than just a company, it’s a way of thinking.

We commit to give the best tech solutions with positive upshots

WagonSoft Vision:

“We commit to give the best tech solutions with positive upshots”

WagonSoft Culture:

Entrepreneurial : Promote Innovative and Creative behavior, Reward Initiative, Foster Ownership mind set

Teamwork : Result oriented matrix organization

Whatever IT takes : Customer Satisfaction

Passion & Commitment : Strive for Excellence & Never give up!

Our Motto

is to serve the Technology of with perfection at upmost Satisfaction

Customer Service Excellence

To perform consistently and deliver value-added services to our customers with the highest level of Quality and in the process meet and try to exceed customer expectations.

Quality excellence

Committed with work to the quality excellence to the customers.

Mobile Application Development

We design widely compatible, quality and performance centric mobile application. Streamline the routine task with optimum results.

Software Development

Our skilled and certified software consultants design, develop, and implement software solutions that optimize business productivity, operational efficiency and profitability.

Customized Software Solutions At wagonsoft

Our portfolio highlights the most contemporary architectures and agile development methodologies like Immutable Deployments and Continuous Integration with ATS, Cloud automation using AWS, Continuous Delivery and Development mindset using Devops Teams.

Planning and product design

We work with you on analysing the problem and discovering the solution that fits your goals and resources. Based on our rich experience in the field, we’ll propose best practices.

System architecture design

Based on the functional specification and user stories, we’ll devise a software architecture for an efficient, scalable, reliable and maintainable solution.

Deployment and maintenance

Through iterative development and continuous delivery practice we minimize the pain of deploying the project into production, as well as upgrading and maintaining it over time.

 Software development

Following an iterative, agile approach, we’ll turn your idea into a concrete product. We understand that different projects do have different priorities, and we will work with you to address them in balance and have in mind any trade-offs needed

Testing and QA

If a product is worth doing at all, it is worth doing right. This is why even in a fast-paced development we don’t cut corners on testing and quality assurance. A combination of code reviews, automated tests and manual testing ensures the highest quality and reliability of the product we build.

Data analytics

Our Data Science, Data Visualization and Analysis services provide an impetus to your business insight and enable you to rediscover what you already have, giving you a completely new perspective to your business intelligently. When your business makes smart, timely and correct decisions, the sky is the limit.

Technologies we use

We have extensive experience with the following technologies:

Programming languages

Java script

Cloud Technologies

Amazon Web Services

Web Frameworks




Server Configuration


Java Frameworks

Spring IOC
Data Mongo

Message Oriented Middleware

Apache ActiveMQ

Data Analytics

Wagonsoft Clients

We’ve helped clients all over the world solve their problems and introduce new projects. We’ve worked with Hiregrid.

Client Website : Hiregrid.io